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Videos Created Don’t Reach Full Potential… Why and How to Leverage Growth?

An image is meant to be equal to a thousand words. Multiply that by 1,000 more for a video. That is the foundation of video marketing, a potent method of advertising that successfully engages your target market as a component of your advertising campaigns.

Using videos to advertise and educate people about your food content is known as video marketing. It enlightens your audience, creates a connection on your digital social channels, and gives you a new way to connect with them on a very personal level.

A video of your brand always generates more traction and revenue than a typical picture.

Nowadays, the use of video in marketing is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all kinds, including restaurants and large food brands.

Why is the Video Content on the Rise?

Recently, according to various surveys conducted, it was revealed that video marketing helped in generating:

  • 70% brand awareness

  • 51% more traffic,

  • and 34% more sales

Here, the outcome does seem truly amazing and profitable.

The ability of video content to interact with clients and prospects on several platforms with a fair amount of ease is the secret to their success.

Videos are being used more and more by organizations, brands, and chefs to primarily attain, engage, and attract new clients.

Further, lots of businesses are using more and more videos to interact with their customers as a result of faster network access and growing consumption. Many businesses, including possibly your competitors, use videos to help them leverage on their audience.

Give your audience a more personalized way to interact with you, through videos and bring in new customers as well!

The sooner you begin using videos, the greater your chance of long-term success, building lasting customer relations, and has a step ahead competitor advantage as well.

Look and Cook Studios is a full-service culinary production company dedicated to making its clients' recipes valuable and delicious. We are a one-stop destination for food content.

We can help you generate brand visibility and consumer engagement by producing engaging videos.

Everyone's life now revolves around video, whether it be on Snapchat, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Instagram, or YouTube.

We have short attention spans as a result of the advancement of technology and our rapid lifestyles, therefore videos are what we seek out when we wish to acquire new knowledge.

Individuals are consuming more online video than ever before; in fact, since 2018, their online video viewing has nearly doubled.

Since video continues to have a significant impact on traffic, leads, sales, and consumer comprehension, large food brands, restaurants, and bloggers are more optimistic than ever about the rate of return delivered by this medium.

Consumers are eager to see additional media content in the upcoming year as they continue to use it as a crucial component of their interactions with brands.

Experiences made with video are heartfelt, motivating, and enduring. These are the kinds of interactions that aid brands in raising crucial indicators like recognition, consideration, and, most significantly, sales.

However, we believe that there is more to just making videos…

What happens if the videos don't reach their full potential?

A positive rate of return is essential given the growing significance of video. However, 85% of brands claim that their growth results are mediocre or below average.

What to do if videos don’t perform well?

Create a video strategy.

Your time spent on creating videos won't be fruitful without a strategy.

To make your information valuable, strive to create an amusing story or help the viewer in solving a problem.

The most classic of all food video types is the recipe video which teaches how to cook a certain dish and strategically introduces the materials required to prepare the desired meal.

Food brands can strategically design and publish inspiring recipes or preparation tips that their audience can recreate.

You should also have a clear purpose in mind for your video. While videos are intended to generate attention for your company, that should not be your primary objective.

You should strive to assist your target market in resolving a specific problem. Conversions are a byproduct of offering high-quality, engaging content.

While creating a video strategy it is important for you to know your audience.

Defining your target audience allows you to better understand who you're speaking to and what they're interested in.

A useful way to approach this is to create multiple personas of your ideal consumer. What’s an ‘ideal’ customer? It refers to the consumer who is the best fit for your servie or product. The type of person who will benefit the most from your goods or service.

Learn about their habits and challenges in order to make videos that will assist them.

Knowing your customer and creating a strategy around it will help you create spot-on content, messaging, and branding.

Focus on Quality Content

In a survey, they found that the time spent viewing videos fell by 77% when the video quality dropped.

85% of those surveyed said: "It was important to get a TV-like quality experience for every video."

So in conclusion, video quality is very important.

Methods to better the video content quality:

  • Make use of subtitles and provide high-quality audio,

  • Better on-camera expertise, including increased engagement from subject-matter experts, and

  • Better tools for production, editing, and equipment,

  • Finding themes that the audience wants to watch videos about,

  • Engaging material, and storytelling;

  • Length: one to three minutes,

  • Respond to comments.

Create Engaging Videos

Who wants to see the same type of boring content repetitively daily?

None, right?

It is important to create engaging content with storytelling, with real stories that can connect with audiences.

If the videos are boring and the same, the consumption will fall, so you need to try new trends, include fun stuff, and create engaging videos, that hold the attention of the viewers.

One of the ways to make engaging videos is to make interesting title and descriptions. This is another crucial aspect of SEO video marketing, but it also informs your audience about what to expect from the video.

Check that the content of your video corresponds to the title and description. In reality, the most crucial component in getting a movie ranked on search engines is selecting the correct title.

Don't let your efforts go to waste.

Create an overall video marketing strategy that will allow you to offer continuous content as your following increases.

If you don't post for an extended length of time, your audience will move on to other sources. Any marketing relies heavily on consistency.

Finally, get your feet wet. The most significant barrier to brand video production is just getting started.

Look and Cook Studio produces entertaining cooking videos for industry bloggers, food brands, and stores.

We employ great chefs who can give tasty recipes, as well as competent photographers and stylists who can make your product or meal appear appealing.

From food branding, food photography, food stop motion, food video, food styling, recipe creation, recipe development, and recipe video production, we have got it all!

We have got you!

With consumption and spending both projected to rise in 2023 and the upcoming months, video continues to be a top priority for brands.

We have well understood the scope in this area, and are accordingly developing in creating the best.

How to grow by leveraging videos?

If you haven't already, start using video on platforms where you already have a following.

Audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat spend over half of their time on the platform watching videos, according to Statistics and data gathered in February 2019 from a study.

Any one of these three would be a fantastic place to start for your video marketing.

However, It can be challenging to keep track of what kinds of video footage can be shared where or when you might need to do some further editing as various social media sites continue to introduce new features. It is always better to seek expert assistance in this situation.

Our skilled team at Look and Cook Studios will be able to assist you!

There are many various types of videos, and choosing the right type of video for your brand is a crucial stage in your marketing plan.

You must plan how videos will be produced and shot, whether you use a flowchart or the more traditional pen and paper.

Both content creation and post-production options are available. These steps may be stressful, but employing a production house will greatly reduce it. They will handle all planning and approvals; all you need to do is provide guidance.

Post-production should be given plenty of time, particularly if your recordings will be utilized for advertisements or require more extensive editing.

Post-production is more than simply editing videos and adding music. Closed captioning, text overlaying, call-to-action panels, and other features are also included. You'll need more time- the more you shoot and the more refined you want it.

Do not think of social media videos as one-and-done. Depending on your social calendar, a fully produced video could be shared across many networks over the course of a month.

A single filming session could provide numerous videos. Different videos could be edited together to make new ones or used for promotion. When promoting videos, think big.

Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that viewers continue to watch older videos. A three-year-old video may still be useful to your users today with the correct keyword mix and an evergreen subject.

Like any other funnel, a video marketing funnel consists of a series of phases that are intended to guide potential buyers from either the beginning of the sales process all the way to the bottom.

  • The awareness stage: It is when you introduce your brand to your target market.

Social media videos, brand videos, documentaries, etc. are the kinds of videos that can be employed in this stage to assist you to draw customers to your business.

  • The consideration stage: It is where you educate potential clients, help them to grasp the issues they are facing, and then pitch your goods or services as the answer.

Explainer videos, Recipes, cooking shows, demos, or simply entertaining videos are examples of the kinds of videos that can be used in this stage.

  • The decision stage: It is when a potential consumer decides whether or not to buy your product or service, and this is when a conversion occurs.

You can utilize product demonstrations, testimonial videos, and other tools to assist them at this step of the decision-making process.

  • Stage of retention: Marketing doesn't stop after a customer makes a purchase. You must keep them in order to attract devoted, lifelong clients.

You can use "how-to" films, live videos, recipe videos, explainers on best practices, etc. to keep consumers interested in your product or service.

Utilizing video in your advertising can improve both the customer experience and the success of your efforts. You should not be afraid to explore with video, no matter how exhausted you are or how low your resources are.

Look and Cook Studios follows several technical guidelines and work on things in a very professional way that will make it simple to incorporate video into your video sales system.

Why should you work with Look and Cook Studio?

Achieving excellent results depends on providing something that is above and beyond what your audience can create on their own.

Videos that make your audience feel that they could have done it themselves or, worse, that they could have done it better is something you must avoid.

You must wow today's media-savvy buyers with quality rather than quantity if you want their attention.

With so much to do in-store, there comes the question of management. How will you be able to manage this whole new department, while working on your business?

Here, specialization and distribution of tasks may help and ace smooth success.

To reach out to your customers, we can help you with video marketing, Look and Cook Studios specialize in producing food and beverage content for companies and agencies, including recipes, films, food photography, and food styling.

We can help you leverage the growth of your social network and sales, whilst you can freely focus on your business.

We are here to curate and make it happen!

Cheers to Foodies and the Great Creators of such Food!

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook.


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