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Creating content for the festive season, How can food brands leverage branded videos for festivals?

The Festive time is the busiest season of the year for the industry of food and beverages. Most food brands, grocery stores, and restaurants are preparing for festivities like Navratri, Diwali, and Christmas, which all fall within a short period of time before the Fall Season completely sets in.

We crave the chaos of our regular lives at home, the excitement of the annual celebration, and the presence of our friends and family.

Even the most remote people will celebrate Diwali or Christmas in their homes this year, putting their own personal spin on the holiday rituals.

Now is a fantastic moment for food brands to start creating such connections through creative and engaging food content.

Professional videos might profit off their audience's feelings. By conjuring up childhood memories and sentimental situations that people would want to revisit for the purpose of nostalgia, one may, especially with food, enhance the genuineness of a brand.

Customers can experience nostalgia through finding relatable advertisements, films, and videos, which they then feel compelled to share with their dear ones. As a result of the relatability factor, this increases the brand's visibility and encourages purchases and consumer loyalty.

For the Diwali and Christmas periods, corporations like Nestlé and Coke also focus on creating viral video content, which helps them sell more due to their gifting potential. Beverage company like, 'Paper Boat' is proving itself as the best in business by creating food content right now.

A video story told with your brand always generates more revenue than a typical commercial.

Why should food brands and restaurants leverage professional food videos?

Did you know that Instagram is currently more eager to share video material than it was when it first started? What causes you to believe that the algorithm changed?

It's because video conveys information and conveys ideas more effectively than still images. The fact that over a billion people visit Youtube each month demonstrates how captivated people are by videos.

You have the opportunity to experiment with images, text, and audio all at once when creating restaurant, food recipes, or eateries videos. Videos are more quickly absorbed and create a lasting impression on the viewer.

The easiest approach to establishing or expanding your online presence in the food industry is through creating video content.

During the holiday season, partnerships with videographers and artists marketing can boost your sales. You may think about creative partnerships; for instance, a miniature artist could be able to produce limited-edition items that may be included in your presenting package.

Or, chefs may use your items to create new cuisines on social media and then post the recipes for people to make at home.

Your competitive advantage will increase when an idea's uniqueness makes it more difficult for rivals to imitate it.

Thus the need for food videography is now high. In actuality, the clients still retain 95% of the video's message. You cannot accomplish this with just written content, banners, or snaps.

You have a fantastic opportunity to highlight the ambiance of your restaurant and brand identity through the videos as the world shifts from image files to dynamic stories and brief videos.

Look and Cook Studios is a one-stop destination for food content.

We interact with customers on a monthly or project basis as a specialized food content studio to help them develop content. Recipes, cooking shows, demos, or simply entertaining videos can all be used as content.

How do professional videos uplift the food brand’s personality?

Videos make it simple to convey your brand's quirky, naturalistic, artistic, exciting, inventive, and soothing personality. Thus you have a better chance to show your brand personality through videos.

Google ranking, Instagram trends, and other networks' algorithms are always changing. Since video-based content will be the future of advertising, having technical support to shoot and edit videos is crucial.

Instagram reels, tik-tok, Youtube clips, and other platforms have already completely taken over the world. Along with improving the effectiveness of your content delivery, it will assist you in expanding your company and strengthening your brand presence.

Take advantage of this trend now and begin creating compelling, quick, and creative films for your restaurant promotions, and food brand domination.

Additionally, around 7/10 of viewers react to a video by going to the author's page, which is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain more profile visitors, website visitors, and followers on your social media profile.

According to studies, three-fifth of youngsters will interact with a company after watching a video about it on social media. Simply said, videos expand your audience. More watchers mean more potential clients.

In addition to obtaining the personal brand of your business, the videos also capture attention to detail, effective communication, and deliver the campaign's intended interpretation.

Food brands, restaurants, and kitchenware brands who are investing in video marketing initiatives attest to seeing a 30% increase in traffic and customer engagement. Leading to an increase in sales, visits, and revenue.

Engagement with your marketing initiatives is what all food brands and restaurant owners want and strive for, isn't it? Now is the time to stir things up and use videography in marketing strategy rather than wasting your strong content and design on communicating it through just mouth publicity and small articles.

You need to have a greater reach, to expand your business. Relying on traditional methods is not always feasible in today's dynamic world. Let's take it practically, what's the maximum number you can reach through mouth publicity?

Now compare the number with content generated on social media, where you could get thousands of views with just one click. Installing a strong content-creating system is, the need of the hour.

Videos on the company's objectives, visions, and mottos are some suggestions for deepening the brand personality of your food brand or restaurant.

We will help you create the right video content for your brand to get traction, and customers and increase your revenues.

It's no wonder that we all enjoy recording videos on our mobile devices. They allow us a way to freeze a specific period of time, be it an amazing view or a delicious meal.

Even much we adore our tiny videos, we would never consider using one to capture a whole wedding or award ceremony. The same criteria hold true for food filming.

After all the effort you put into developing your recipes and expertly preparing a meal, it deserves to be viewed as the best quality. You want the assistance of an experienced professional food videographer if you want to market your abilities.

Look and Cook Studios is a full-service culinary production company dedicated to making its clients' recipes valuable and delicious.

We specialize in producing food and beverage content for companies and agencies, including recipes, films, food photography, and food styling.

Why is video content creation on a rising trend? How can food brands use it to their advantage?

One of the most well-liked and rapidly expanding categories for video content in digital marketing is food. In terms of online content, many of us are devoted Gym/ Yoga/ Zumba practitioners, some of us enjoy gaming, and just a small number of us are enthusiastic players.

However, food is a special kind of material in that it relates to almost everyone, whether we enjoy creating it or just eating it. Since the dawn of time, the preparatory work and sharing of meals has been at the core of everything it entails to be a human.

We use food as fuel, a source of celebration, comfort, and consolation, and we have a strong emotional bond with it.

Food also appeals to the senses, making it a natural fit for graphic and dynamic media like video. On a fundamental level, witnessing food being prepared, cooked, and consumed is fascinating.

An increase in a hormone protein that promotes appetite in the blood is caused by visual stimulation from appetizing food images, according to research published in a few journals. In fact, it makes us famished!

We are all addicted to staring at food, whether we like to acknowledge it or not. Utilizing the recipe videos in this case would be the best possible way to get maximum customer involvement.

And the statistics bear this out. YouTube video views for food-related content have increased by 170% since last year.

Food is among the top 10 categories of content that receive the most engagement, and among Millennials, it is incredibly popular (this age group accounts for a staggering 70% of views on food-related material).

As a result, one of the most aesthetically appealing, emotionally engaging, and shareable topics in digital marketing is food.

Food and drink manufacturers have some incredible chances to develop their businesses with well-targeted video content if watching it makes your audience want to eat it and social media can bring customers directly to your business website.

Here are the 3 benefits of working with Look and Cook Studios:

  • License your content:

For food brands, organizations, and restaurants video offers a method to incorporate branded content across many channels. Thus with licensing, the video content has multiple usages.

Brands may digitally expand their reach by utilizing video in a variety of ways across broadcast, web, mobile, and various social media channels.

A high-profile TV commercial could introduce a new product, but consistent video material shared on Facebook or YouTube can give brands depth, personality, and coherence.

Some firms successfully leverage these techniques to display a human side and engage with their audience, uploading videos of staff, food creation, and behind-the-scenes activities as examples.

When Kissan Jam and Ketchup posted an Ad on how its food items are created, it became one of the first brands and got even more loyal customers.

Other companies have demonstrated their "expert" status, excellence, and authenticity by sharing frequent video content.

Look and Cook Studios can help you generate brand visibility and consumer engagement by producing Recipe videos.

We employ great chefs who can give tasty recipes, as well as competent photographers and stylists who can make your product or meal appear appealing.

Uniformity brand look:

The pattern of expression that influences what others believe about your organization is the uniformity brand look.

The more consistent your messaging, the stronger your branding - whether through videos, posts, or audio. Your brand should raise customer awareness while also building trust and loyalty.

We can help your food brand or restaurant maintain its consistency and help maintain a uniform brand look.

We produce entertaining cooking videos for industry bloggers, food brands, and stores.

We highlight how flexible your products are or how easy (and enjoyable) it is to get into the kitchen with product demonstrations, tiny clips, and outstanding advertisements, all while getting your name out there.

  • One-Stop Solution:

We have everything you need to turn your recipes into delicious videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even television. You only need to send us the recipe.

An in-house staff of art directors, producers, food stylists, and camera operators understands the optimal setting for each type of food.

From food branding, food photography, food

stop motion, food video, food styling, recipe creation, recipe development, and recipe video production, we have got it all!

We're only a phone call away. Get in touch, discuss your ideas, and let's make some cooking videos that will motivate your consumers to turn on their stoves.

Recipe video creation is only a small part of the puzzle. You may make the most of your cuisine by using mouthwatering food photos and clever branding.

We'd be delighted to assist you with this as well. If you don't have the time

or abilities to create creative culinary creations using your products, we have a professional recipe development team ready to help.

This festive season is the right time to create a hold on customers and utilize our Food Videography services in the most powerful way.

We consider our clients as our family and thus once we commit ourselves to your brand, we assure you of getting 100% authentic content from our part, in the most scientific way.

Moreover, you have full rights on the videos we provide so that you can use it as per your requirement on any platform. We do not claim any authority over that.

So, if you want to generate your brand name, make a uniform chain of your business through proper advertising, create uniformity in your content and attract bu

yers to your profile, to gain maximum profit this Festive Season, contact us now!

We are here to curate and make it happen!

Cheers to Foodies and the Great Creators of such Food!

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook.


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