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The Ultimate Guide of recipe videos in building brand awareness, credibility, SEO, and SM Marketing.

How much more valuable is a video if a picture speaks a thousand words? This is the fundamental idea behind video marketing, a proactive marketing tactic that incorporates compelling video into your advertising campaigns.

Using a video format in your marketing plan in order to market a company, good, service, or idea is known as using video for marketing. Effective video marketing can enhance audience engagement on social media and other digital platforms.

Moreover, video marketing can be used as a platform to distribute viral (entertaining) content, advertise customer testimonials, present how-to's, and live-stream events.

In order to create a high-quality video, a large team of people must work on the production, which can be highly complicated.

Due to this intricacy, businesses can hire specialists in video marketing to act as a translator within the organization and become in charge of the video production process.

If a business is going to spend money on videos, it needs to be aware of how the films are made, where the money is going, and how effective the videos are.

It's no secret that, in the modern world, viewing videos have surpassed all other types of material consumption.

Nine out of ten viewers stated they wanted to see more videos from brands and companies in 2020, while 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption in that year.

In reality, by 2022, the average person is expected to watch 100 minutes of online video per day.

As a result, video content is a crucial component of any company's marketing plan.

Benefits of video marketing and using ready-to-use recipe video

  • Search engines love videos: By including videos, you can increase the time visitors spend on your website. Longer exposure builds credibility and tells search engines that the information on your site is reliable.

In addition, since Google owns YouTube, they enjoy placing their own website at the top of search results for a variety of phrases.

There are a tonne of search results available whenever you conduct a search on Google. Articles, news, photos, shopping items, and of course videos will all be included in the results. It's beneficial for SEO to have a blog or a product website, but it's even better to have a second video that covers a certain subject.

Recipe videos increase the likelihood that people will find your company in their search results. This is especially true if there aren't any comparable videos from your rivals to compare against. The less content your rivals have in a certain area, the more room you have to excel.

  • The video encourages social shares: Sharing of social video content exceeds word and image content combined by 1200%. Video is shared 20 times more frequently than other content formats in the LinkedIn feed on websites and apps like that one.

People from all cultures are united by a common bond: food. Many people are going online during pandemics to share their recipes via blogs, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts.

A rising trend is people getting into cooking and sharing easy-to-make but delicious recipes. Despite their busy schedules, many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and post videos of their meals on social media. Recipe videos are getting really popular and encourage social shares.

In the end, you want to create a video that people will want to share with their friends because it makes them feel awesome. You could make an intriguing and informational video.

Videos that alienate viewers or make them feel uncomfortable won't increase your share count. Thus, a licensed recipe video through Look & Cook Studio can be the perfect choice for you.

  • Video Builds Trust: Building audience trust is quite easy with video. Because it provides viewers a chance to see the faces behind the company and make a judgment about whether to place their trust in them, it may feel more transparent to them than, say, written content or marketing materials.

Giving your audience a peek behind the scenes of your company with video is another excellent idea. They'll see you and your team, and you'll have a chance to highlight the dynamics of your team and the culture of your business—while, of course, letting your true selves shine.

High-quality e-commerce photography is, of course, a crucial trust indicator on any online business, but it's especially important when you're selling goods that customers will be eating or drinking.

For companies and agencies, Look and Cook Studio specializes in producing food and beverage content, including licensed food recipe videos, films, food photography, and food styling.

  • Grow Online Revenue: People want to watch videos, which is one of the ways that videos can increase your sales. 53% of people said they'd like to watch more videos in the future, according to research. People are more inclined to watch video material than other types of content when it is created.

There is a higher likelihood that your target audience will see your video marketing due to the rising demand for videos. If they come upon your branded material, they might decide to follow you and make a purchase.

Consider launching your own YouTube cooking show if you want to explore ways to be more creative in your cooking business. You might improve your abilities, make some money, and perhaps change your profession as a result of this project.

Although maintaining a popular YouTube channel requires a significant time commitment, your perseverance might advance your culinary profession.

If you’re short on time but want to make money through your videos, Look and Cook Studio can provide you with ready-to-use licensed recipe videos that will help to boost your revenue.

  • Boost Customer Engagement: On social media, videos outperform standard photo posts in terms of views and interaction. In actuality, social video produces 1200% more shares than content that combines text and images. Also, when a message is presented in a video, viewers retain 95% of it, compared to 10% when it is presented in print.

Videos are watched more frequently than ever before, and they work. This is true for Facebook stories, Instagram reels, Tik Tok videos, and YouTube, among other platforms.

The secret to expanding a brand's reach is video marketing. But as we are all aware, regularly producing content may be daunting and time-consuming.

Using licensed recipe videos can assist you in regularly giving your audience new and interesting content, which can increase traffic and interaction to your website or social media channels.

Why is video marketing so effective in the business in terms of brand building and credibility?

When it comes to attracting internet users' attention, video has clearly emerged as the clear winner. It is indisputable that video marketing is essential for increasing your brand's growth and visibility.

Gaining client trust is one of a brand's main marketing objectives. Gaining the trust of your audience can help you create your brand as one that is reliable and authoritative.

Videos assist link your brand with your target audience while also providing information. The significance of video marketing is that it involves your audience and elicits from them the emotions needed to forge a lasting connection.

With the help of video marketing, you can interact with your target market, convey your beliefs and goals, meet their requirements, and gain their trust in your company. The significance of video marketing is this.

Anyone can say anything behind a screen, as we've discovered in the contemporary age of computers and social media, and they frequently do.

Enough people have fallen victim to catfishing to realize that a profile photo is meaningless. So, using video is the best option if you want to improve the possibility of persuading the skeptics.

Much more difficult to fake is a human being conversing and grinning. Offering yourself this increase in credibility through videos persuades potential customers of your value, which leads to higher conversion rates.

It's crucial to have both action and close-up shots in your remix videos. Closeups build a connection, but if all of your brand videos are closeups, they will appear less engaging and static.

By creating Recipe videos, Look and Cook Studios can help you increase brand awareness and consumer interaction.

Along with being professionals in their business, they also have excellent chefs on staff who can create delectable recipes, as well as talented photographers and stylists who can make your food or product appear appealing.

How does video marketing affect SEO?

The ability to produce quality content that matters and engages the target audience is a key component of ranking highly in SEO. One such piece of content is video, which continues to be a particularly effective narrative medium.

This is due to the fact that its emotionally potent blend of music, action, and pictures can aid in fostering deeper, more satisfying ties between your company and its target audience.

Video content marketing is an effective marketing method to help improve customers' action so as to make income since it offers the audience interesting, amusing, and valuable visual information.

Other people who conduct comparable searches are more likely to find your content interesting if you receive a large number of frequent visits. More video content you produce will increase visitors to your website.

For food brands that provide recipes, it's best to use video. If you want to keep up with the expanding trend of video material, you better get "visual."

Some folks simply don't enjoy reading cooking directions. Cooking-related podcasts don't really work. Create movies to accompany your recipe in order to satisfy everyone and, of course, increase traffic.

Not only will it keep visitors on your site longer (a positive signal to Google), but it also helps you appear in the YouTube and Google search results for videos.

In the future, a video might prove to be your most valuable asset.

Using recipe videos for social media marketing

  • Recipe videos can build a strong social media presence: The new TV is social media. Social media now has millions and millions of users that are actively using it. Advertisers and small enterprises now require social media channels.

Food bloggers are producing more content for social media. These are frequently how-to films that work nicely with both their social media accounts and website.

This entails producing concise, visually appealing, and educational food videos. After all, community-based platforms are the best location to discuss novel recipes or concepts.

It takes a lot of expertise and gear to produce video content that is competitive and engaging. High-end cameras, lighting, editing, and a suitable kitchen are required for these videos. Attempting to balance everything might not be the best business move.

Thankfully, food bloggers can make use of outside services like Look and Cook Studio. For every kind of eater, these businesses provide food photography and filming services. Also, they will prepare your recipes so you won't have to.

  • Recipe Videos Improve Consumer Interaction: The most efficient technique to draw in new clients is through effective food videography. Even better is the simultaneous satisfaction and retention of them.

A food blog's primary offering, recipes, can be communicated most effectively through food videography. Videos are the only way to instruct consumers on how to prepare recipes due to declining user attention rates.

  • Videos Showcase Your Company: Videos are a fantastic method for promoting your company and showcasing various elements of it to the public. It also conveys information about the things you offer, the environment, your professionalism, etc.

A 30-second to a 2-minute movie can say a lot about your own restaurant, as we've already discussed. Hence, people become more confident.

Details and highlights about your decor, the type of music being played, the entire property, and any other unique aspects should be highlighted.

Simply incorporate them into a video and post it to your social media pages. Thousands of potential clients who might visit your restaurant will be attracted to you thanks to this.

  • Recipe Videos On a Rise: Food is prospering on social media platforms, whether users are searching for a flatbread recipe or following their favorite gastronomic celebrity.

An in-depth analysis of social media platforms' contributions to the fan culture of foodies and their fans is provided in new research on the topic. They are tuning in to see videos that will inspire, inform, or amuse them.

Because of their steadfastness, fervor, and level of engagement, subscriptions to food channels have increased by 280% in the last year.


Videos may obviously increase a company's sales if images and infographics can do the same. Are you still unsure of your next course of action in the world of digital marketing?

Videos will undoubtedly be the last stop. You can read more in this blog about the value of videos for restaurants. Ask for assistance in this matter by visiting a reputable marketing firm like Look and Cook Studios.

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook Studios.

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