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Why Ramadan 2023 Video Marketing is Worth the Spend for Businesses?

Introduction: Let’s understand the shopping Behavior During Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, many businesses see an increase in demand, particularly those who sell goods like food, clothing, or gifting hampers.

Ramadan is also a popular season for sharing, therefore sales increase during this time, especially with the wide variety of goods and services offered by online retailers.

Up to 78% of the public, according to statistics from a survey done by Facebook, support neighborhood businesses during the month of Ramadan.

  • Techniques for finding products and brands: The majority of Muslims, particularly the younger generation, conduct online research before making a final purchase.

Online buying is appealing due to convenience, a wide selection of products, simple payment methods, and free shipping, among other factors.

Customers' smartphones have evolved into crucial shopping companions throughout this festive season.

  • Peak shopping periods: These days, shopping apps are among the most widely used apps.

According to a Facebook research post, the "single biggest 10-day buying period" is the days leading up to Eid. This is related to the celebrations surrounding gift-giving that take place at this time of year.

Mobile marketers have a common notion that they should focus their advertising budget on the two weeks before Ramadan. Yet, the research found that the week before Eid saw a 60% rise in non-organic installs.

During the Ramadan season, there are different peak shopping periods. While 84% of consumers aim to empty their shopping carts one to two weeks before Eid celebrations, 67% of customers plan to make their purchases during the first 10 days of Ramadan.

  • Popular Products: A study revealed that the majority of individuals purchase sweets throughout the month of Ramadan.

This is probably because people enjoy eating candy and chocolate during the iftar. However, other categories with a high percentage of purchases during the holy month were clothes & fashion (58%) and religious & spiritual items (69%).

Key Factors Influencing Ramadan Shopping Behavior

If you want to grow your sales, you shouldn't miss a significant opportunity like Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, when sales in Muslim countries frequently double and even treble.

For your marketing initiatives, there are several chances to try out marketing concepts.

  • Budgets for Ramadan Advertising: Consumer-focused businesses often raise their advertising expenditures during the month of Ramadan because of the developing correlation between the month of Ramadan and rising consumerism throughout the season.

According to studies, advertising expenditures during the month of Rama

dan typically rises by 20% compared to monthly averages.

Due to the rising demand for advertising space, it is vital for advertisers to understand where they may invest their money most effectively in order to avoid having their additional spending produce subpar results.

  • Being Culturally Responsive in Your Marketing Message: When choosing what advertising messaging to employ during Ramadan, marketers should exercise caution and make sure their messages are always respectful to the Muslim culture and tradition. Some marketers could make a mistake by showing or saying anything that some people will find offensive in an effort to make a catchy advertisement.

Marketing professionals need to keep in mind that Ramadan is a religious practice with deep social and emotional ties that must be respected. Every piece of marketing copy should be examined by several people in the area to make sure it won't be misinterpreted and hurt a brand's reputation.

  • Make use of noticeable Ramadan symbols: Use specific Ramadan creatives and templates for all of your material to assist strengthen the relationship between your brand and your clients.

Examples of well-known symbols are the crescent moon, lanterns, and dates. Talking about what your audience could be feeling and thinking at this time will be beneficial, and it can also raise brand awareness.

Social Media Usage During Ramadan

In the Middle East, people spend nearly 58 million more hours on Facebook and watch more YouTube videos during Ramadan than at any other time of the year, including everything from beauty advice and recipes to sports and TV dramas.

As a result, the holy month is not only the most significant for Muslims but also the busiest time of the year for advertisers.

Ramadan gives a nice boost to business in the region for Google, which owns YouTube, and Facebook, which also owns Instagram.

Especially before iftar, the meal that breaks the daylong fast, when people meet to eat before another day of fasting, people stay up later and spend more time relaxing throughout Ramadan.

Ramadan Trends 2023

Ramadan marketing 2023 has a lot of potential to generate income from your social media purchases throughout the holy month.

Our hearts should be overflowing with spirituality, family love, and a sense of community during Ramadan.

With fewer working hours and more spare time, for consumers to spend online, it is also a moment of great commercial opportunities.

The greatest time to inform your social media viewers of the specifics and advantages of alluring affiliate offers and marketing materials is right now. The time is now to make sure you earn money online throughout Ramadan.

  • Foodies: Foodies looking for delectable dishes and dessert recipes, always on the lookout for fresh concepts and professional culinary guidance.

People are looking for great ways to make delectable delicacies and gourmet treats because of the wonderful sensation of gathering with family and friends for the Ramadan Iftar meal. Because of this, a lot of internet activity at the moment is focused on cooking and food-related topics.

Internet searches for amazing deals on groceries, discounts on household goods, new recipes, and instructions for cooking mouthwatering new foods are particularly prevalent during this time.

Thus, the popular food category is one of the most important purchasing areas for profiting from marketing techniques. Recipe videos are the most trending video content during Ramadan.

If you’re from the food industry, you can improve your marketing tactics by incorporating some amazing recipe videos in your content. By regularly giving your audience new and interesting information, you may increase traffic to your website and increase engagement on your social media channels.

This is made possible by using licensed recipe videos through Look & Cook Studio.

  • Ramadan DIYers: Many people actively explore the internet and social media throughout Ramadan for the newest ideas and trends for enhancing and modernizing their homes because they adhere to the motto "Do it yourself, no matter what the cost."

In order to outfit their own workshops, they will be searching for price comparison tools, how-to demo apps, and of course, common home tools.

As most people enjoy watching DIY content videos during Ramadan, you may improve your marketing efforts by producing more engaging content. DIY content videos are highly addicting.

We advise you to update your digital marketing plan for Ramadan with suggestions that promote items they'll adore.

You can swiftly and simply create stunning food videos by licensing recipe videos from the Look and Cook studios!

By licensing video, you can add more video content to your website that adds a new viewpoint and allows you to inform your audience on recipes they may not be familiar with for a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, by licensing recipe content, your team can provide regular updates from well-known experts, establish your company as a thought leader, and encourage leads to investigate user-generated content.

With recipe video licensing, you can choose the sort of content you want to pay for.

We can assist you in providing more opportunities to engage with current and new customers by supplying a consistent stream of dependable, well-formatted, thoroughly reviewed content created by some of the industry's best storytellers. These regular touchpoints contribute to increased sales.

The best part is that using licensed content enables you to create and develop content faster and more affordably.

We are constantly expanding our library and introducing new original recipe videos to meet your shifting needs.

Five ways you can make the most of seasonal Ramadan purchase trends

  • Make a Pre-Ramadan Teasers video: Customers look forward to Ramadan, so launching rich media teaser advertisements before the Holy Month officially starts is a fantastic way to pique interest. Therefore starting sooner than the competition is a great way to get customers to notice your brand.

  • Continue to be active on social media: Use it to your advantage and make an effort to interact with users as often as you can because major social media platforms are the new front line when it comes to interacting with your audience.

  • Promote the Correct Goods: Make sure your product fits the Ramadan profile because the holy month is particularly spiritual and many consumers abstain from caffeine and other habitual goods.

  • Concentrate on Peak Consumption Times: As we've already indicated, throughout the fasting time, consumers refrain from shopping as well as eating. Since the majority of customer spending occurs in the early morning and immediately after fasting finishes, retailers should take advantage of these times.

  • Spend on media ads: Use your media budget wisely. All brands will be vying for better search rankings and top keyword bids. To succeed in paid search, make sure to dramatically boost your budget. Brands will bid premium for top keywords as traffic grows rapidly. You should factor this into your budget.

If you have a tight budget, concentrate on the first and last week of the month to draw in the most traffic.

Ramadan 2023: How can businesses expand their foreign markets?

  • Know your international public: Although marketing doesn't have to be difficult, you still need to understand the importance of your client's needs and how to appeal to them. You can't please everyone with everything. Even as you grow internationally, you need to conduct thorough market research to identify your target customers and understand why they would want to do business with you.

  • Build creatives that resonate: Localize your advertising, work with regional artists, and embrace video forms to increase product engagement and sales.

  • Set up localization and logistics: Join forces with authorities to help you localize your offering. A global marketing strategy does not preclude the use of regionally specialized plans and programs. In actuality, they ought to be complimentary.

While allowing in-market teams the latitude to control local success levers, global marketing often establishes the structure and constraints under which local marketing operates.

Branding and brand guidelines, strategic marketing planning and budgeting (with markets given autonomy within their allocated budget), large-scale marketing campaigns, social media strategy and guidelines, research strategy, and international PR are some marketing areas that are well suited to be led in a global or central level.

Local alliances, events, more tactical campaigns, local social media channels, and other activities in the PR sector are other areas that are best managed locally.

  • Increase internet sales: Targeting a large global audience and leveraging analytics to locate new clients who share your values can help your business expand.

  • Bear time zones in mind: Good salespeople are aware that if they don't get back to a lead within the first five minutes of receiving it, their chances of ever hearing from them again are ten times lower. If leads are coming in outside of the domestic working hours of your team, this may make international sales challenging. No matter when inbound chances arrive, using a solution like marketing automation software makes it easier for you to follow up on them. Long-term trends in consumer behavior (such as open rates) can be tracked with the aid of these technologies.

  • At all costs, automate: What sets a great global marketing strategy apart from a good one? Scale.

With several markets that have various translation needs, personas, channels, or messaging, the only way to attain that scale is through standardization and automation. Global marketers can earn returns on their translation technology investments of up to 252%.


Ramadan is a time for introspection, joy, and giving to loved ones. It gives a special opportunity for e-commerce and retail enterprises to connect with potential and current customers through memorable interactions with beloved products.

E-commerce and retail enterprises may effectively interact with the appropriate people at the right time during Ramadan by employing full-funnel tactics. It only requires knowing when to act.

Make sure your marketing plan for Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan is specifically customized to the demographics of your target market. Develop original content targeted towards the Ramadan 2023 product categories and retailers that each particular demographic prefers.

There are numerous different ways that businesses can use e-commerce to interact with consumers during Ramadan.

As the holy month of fasting draws near, think about using some of these original suggestions to increase your engagement. Furthermore, visit Look & Cook Studio for fascinating content.

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook Studios.

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