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The power of visual storytelling: How Video is Changing the Way We Communicate in 2023?

Why is video the future of communication?

Video is entertaining, personal, emotional, and available to anybody with an internet connection. Without a doubt, video is an excellent learning tool.

Because visual information is processed far faster than text, the video makes storytelling considerably easier. This is a significant advantage not only for educational and training activities.

It could be a post on Instagram, a food brand recipe, a trailer of a graphic novel, a well-shot YouTube video, or an animation film. This list continues to rise day by day because the visuals and the storytelling a video delivers are engaging, emotional, informative, and empathetic.

Videos save time. It is no secret that reading takes much more time than watching a video.

You can solve your customer’s issues right away by providing a video solution, rather than never-ending chats.

Videos engage and attract viewers. The majority of our internet activity is spent watching videos, with the average person watching at least 32 videos every month. People who spend time reading frequently lose interest.

Videos help to create interest in your viewers’ and inspire them to take action, which increases the chances of people buying your products.

Videos facilitate convenience and most of us will opt for a task that demands less physical and mental effort. It turns out, people are finding videos more comfortable than texts or audio, to gain the same objective.

Videos are more interesting and fun. They allow viewers to focus on what you have in store for them, as videos don’t just tell; they show.

Aside from the facts stated above, videos assist us in learning more quickly.

Videos have also substantially expanded the possibility of greater communication. Videos, the future of communication, have been increasingly popular in recent years.

Videos engage us on a deeper level. Given the depth of our emotions, videos let us connect with ideas through visual storytelling.

The advantages of videos in a marketing strategy.

Because videos are bite-sized, memorable, and measurable, a video content strategy is vital. These qualities not only make it great for your target audience, who prefers short, entertaining pieces, but they also make video the preferred format for all marketers.

Making online video marketing a part of your digital strategy has a lot of benefits in addition to being a rich, visual medium.

  • Videos help in revenue growth

According to research from Aberdeen Group, marketers who use video are increasing firm revenue 49% quicker year over year than those who don't.

  • Videos Influences Purchase Decisions

According to Animoto, a stunning 90% of buyers think that product videos assist them in making purchasing decisions, and 64% say that seeing a video increases their likelihood of making a purchase, according to Forbes.

Additionally, 97% of marketers feel that video has improved customer understanding of their product or service, according to HubSpot.

  • Videos help in your SEO Ranking

Video can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The length of time a visitor stays on your page after arriving from a Google search can influence where you appear in the results. This also referred to as dwell time, is a significant Google ranking indicator.

It should come as no surprise that video marketing can boost your SEO because YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.

Videos don’t impact your search engine rankings directly, but they give your website a better chance of improving them through increased dwell time, the time a visitor spends on your website, an important ranking factor for Google.

The longer people stay on your page watching your video, the more engaging it is. This is especially true if you upload your video on YouTube and embed the player in other pages of your website.

Video marketing frequently promotes more traffic to your website as a result of improved SEO, including obtaining more backlinks.

In fact, embedding video can boost traffic by 55% because the video itself becomes the lure. In similar findings, sites with videos got 41% more traffic resulting from search engines.

Approximately 80% of consumers believe that watching product demos before purchasing is worthwhile.

Furthermore, almost everyone says that they watch explainer videos or tutorials to learn about something. Furthermore, 44% prefer video to traditional phone conversations or reading a handbook or book guide.

  • Video boosts conversion rates

Video users had 27% better click-through rates and 34% higher web conversion rates, according to the Aberdeen Group study.

Also, according to EyeView Digital, using video on a landing page can boost conversion by 86%.

The video should be seen as an investment – according to HubSpot, including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%!

Just using “video” in your subject line can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates. Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate – a staggering statistic.

  • Video builds trust and credibility

Video is an excellent method to give your company and brand a personality, allowing you to interact with your audience and earn their trust.

Product videos are beneficial in the decision-making process for 90% of users.

  • The video encourages social sharing

Let’s face it: this is the age of viral videos. This is your opportunity to have some fun while demonstrating what your organization is all about.

Only your imagination limits the possibilities for video marketing. There are numerous options available to you, ranging from generating a how-to video to using Facebook live.

Brands will go beyond reach and visibility to measure consumer involvement and make more informed decisions.

Small Business Trends claims that compared to text and graphics combined, social video generates 1,200% higher shares.

According to HubSpot, 83% of consumers said they would think about sharing your brand's video content with their friends if it appeals to the target demographic.

Let’s look at some data on how videos are continuously on a rise:

These video marketing statistics show clearly why this medium is being used by so many businesses in a variety of B2B and B2C sectors, and why video marketing ought to be a part of your company's strategy as well.

  • According to Apple, the most downloaded App in 2021 was everyone's beloved TikTok.

  • More videos from businesses and brands are desired by 80% of customers.

  • YouTube has overtaken Facebook as the most popular source of consumer behavior influence.

  • Streaming online videos and downloads will account for 82% of total internet traffic in 2022.

  • According to recent research, using video as a marketing tool has helped over 80% of marketers generate leads, and 41% of survey respondents stated videos cut support calls.

  • At least 88% of marketers were delighted with the ROI of their web video.

  • Brand recognition was increased through video commercials, which were the most common means for consumers to discover and purchase from a firm.

  • Over the next five years, video streaming is estimated to exceed 184 billion dollars.

  • Emails containing videos receive 300% more clicks than those without.

  • 58% of individuals say seeing a brand or product in Instagram Stories has piqued their interest in it.

  • Mobile devices account for more than 75% of all video views.

  • LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely than other sorts of content to share a video.

  • According to 83% of video marketers, using video has helped lengthen the amount of time website visitors spend on their page.

It can assist your company in developing and attracting new customers, even if it isn’t the only marketing tool you should use.

You can select from a wide range of video formats to determine which one is best for your approach.

The benefits of publishing video material are numerous. Pay attention to the high caliber and valuable information that encourages viewers of your video.

A clear concept, a storyboard, an engaging storyline, subtitles, and a call to action are also essential for every video.

If you want to grow your audience and get noticed, having an online video marketing strategy is an excellent method, particularly in your social media marketing strategy.

As you can see, people watch online videos and it is only increasing.

How video consumption is changing in 2023?

In the past, consumers might research products by visiting websites, reading online reviews, watching commercials, and possibly viewing a few YouTube videos.

They are learning to rely more on video in their research phase now that it is available on all of the major social media platforms.

In order to understand more about a company or product, 66% of consumers have seen video content (such as product demos, reviews, FAQs, unboxing, etc.), according to HubSpot Blogs study.

It's obvious that consumers will start to anticipate seeing video content from brands in 2022.


Because customers can use videos to examine how a product or service operates in practice, detect any shortcomings before making a purchase, and learn about benefits they might not hear about in a text-based description.

Additionally, compared to a professionally edited product shot, this footage may appear to be more authentic, which can increase a consumer's trust in a company or product.

Customers want short, snappy films. Videos that are under three minutes long in particular fall into a sweet spot.


Guide your viewers through your videos, and tell them what they should do to stay in touch with your business.

Too many video creators overlook the opportunity to use video to enhance conversions and generate engagement on their websites. Alternatively, they place calls to action at the end of their videos.

Use a call to action early in your content to boost conversions, engagement, and sales, among other things.

The majority of customers ignore promotional content and are uninterested in traditional advertising. We live in an ad-filled society that is practically difficult to escape. So, changing the way consumers perceive your brand makes all the difference.

The video sector will progress with every new generation.

Consumers prefer to learn about businesses through video content, and they also utilize it as a crucial tool throughout the research stage of the buying process.

Although video is here to stay, it is constantly growing, adapting, and changing to meet the needs of new platforms and consumers.

Marketers should keep examining the interests, activities, and habits of video consumers as this content changes with each new generation.

Users are more likely to adhere to your CTAs and drive conversions if you create video content that they find interesting, useful, and valuable.

It's your turn.

If you've never produced video or vlog content for your business before, now is the time to start.

We are here to help you.

By licensing recipe videos from the Look and Cook studios, you can quickly and easily produce stunning food videos!

You can add more video content to your website that adds a new perspective and enables you to inform your audience on recipes they might not be familiar with for a fraction of the price by licensing video.

Additionally, by licensing recipe content, your team may provide regular updates from well-known authorities, position your business as a thought leader, and encourage leads to look into user-generated content.

You can pick the type of content you wish to pay for with recipe video licensing.

Additionally, you need to provide your audience with the motivation to read your newsletter, open your emails, or return to your blog frequently. You want them to gain knowledge and eventually come back.

You can help your emails receive above-average open and click-through rates by including our ready-to-use recipe videos.

Salesforce states that a customer needs to interact with a brand 6–8 times before completing a purchase.

To provide you with more opportunities to interact with current and new customers, we can help you by supplying a steady stream of reliable, well-formatted, completely reviewed content that has been produced by some of the greatest storytellers in the industry. These frequent touchpoints help to boost sales.

The best aspect is that using licensed content allows you to produce and develop content more quickly and affordably.

To accommodate your changing requirements, we are consistently expanding our library and adding new original recipe videos.

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook Studios.

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