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How to Make Cooking Videos in 10 Minutes? The benefits of licensing ready-to-use recipe videos.

Cooking videos frequently take over the internet. People enjoy learning new recipes and cooking techniques, as well as seeing visually appealing cooking content.

With some good recording techniques and editing abilities, you'll be able to participate in one of the most popular and ballooning online trends.

More people than ever before are viewing culinary videos, whether they do so for fun, for food inspiration, or to help them prepare meals.

There are many factors that must come together perfectly in order to produce an appealing cooking video that is easy to follow and that looks delicious. These factors include shooting angles, lighting, color, etc.

Taking care of the necessary preparation and shooting equipment is vital before we move on to the procedures for making a cooking video recipe.

The necessary equipment for excellent cooking videos you must tick off!

  • Camera- It is up to you whether you want to utilize an iPhone or more professional equipment to record the video content.

  • Tripod- If you're cooking on camera, your hands will most likely be full. Invest in a tripod so you can concentrate on your skills while getting steady shots.

  • Microphone- Voice-overs are common in tutorial videos. They also make video editing extremely straightforward because you may record after your film. You should use a cardioid microphone rather than an omnidirectional one because camera mics ‌record a lot of background noise.

  • Lighting- As long as the kitchen is suitably lit, there is probably no immediate need to spend money on any lighting resources. Lighting, however, may make or break your footage, making it an important part of your videos.

  • Image Editing- While Photoshop is the most versatile app, and those who wish to include hand-drawn or handwritten elements in their images, can use Procreate with an iPad, if you don't have the money right away, a couple of free options include Canva (web-based) and GIMP (free open-source). They will be less flexible but they are free.

  • Video editing software - Videos don't always turn out the way we want them to, which is why having the correct video editing software is crucial. This kind of software can transform boring videos into beautiful work of content. And that is where we come in to help!

You can prepare for the drum rolls and "lights, camera, action" moment after making sure that everything on your "cooking video tools" list is ticked off.

How to record a delicious cooking video - explained step by step.

Step 1: Prepare the recipe

A well-prepared recipe is the foundation of an interesting recipe video. List every ingredient and the specific quantity needed for each stage of cooking.

While you're actually shooting, you don't necessarily have to follow the cooking order.

Finally, don't forget to write down all the ingredients, cooking techniques, and filming scenes and sequences on a piece of paper and print it out as a reminder.

You can also jot down the precise food scenes you want.

Step 2: Prepare the cooking area

The ideal location for creating recipe videos would be the double-sided Kitchen island or counter.

You have enough area to prepare food while still having the tripod, camera, and key light on the other side of you.

Using the props would be the cherry on top for your cooking video's cinematic flair.

Step 3: Film an introduction to the video

Shooting the introduction for your cooking video is the next stage.

A brief introduction of the host, the dish that will be prepared, the recipe, and the necessary items are typically included in the introduction section.

Step 4: Make the Best Lighting Available

For videography, lighting is everything.

Consistent, gentle, and well-distributed lighting is key when filming a recipe video.

Utilizing a reflector is a smart option, whether you're filming in artificial or natural light. Any dark shadows will be removed and the food will be illuminated. Your video's quality will be significantly improved for a relatively cheap cost.

Step 5: Edit your video once it has been shot

The greatest cooking tutorials are brief (often 60 seconds or more) and helpful.

The viewer should be confident enough to proceed and prepare the dish on their own after watching your video.

Editing is very important. Use tools like the free iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Apple Final Cut Pro to edit your cooking videos.

Keep your scenes brief and add extra variables like background music to make the film more intriguing. Keep in mind that cuisine is the main attraction.

Include a lot of close-ups during the cooking process and the grand final image of the prepared dish.

So much work to do!

Cooking videos are fantastic since the content is aesthetically appealing. Beautiful components, intricate methods, and refined skills all contribute to capturing the attention of your audience.

But what if you do not have the time, money, and resources to invest in the production process?

We have got you covered!

You can easily create beautiful cooking videos in minutes by licensing recipe videos from the Look and Cook studios!

At a fraction of the cost, licensing video can give you access to additional video content on your site that adds a fresh perspective and allows you to educate your audience on recipes they may not be aware of.

Furthermore, licensing recipe content enables your team to give frequent updates from world-renowned experts and can help your brand position itself as a thought leader and inspire leads to research brand-generated content.

With recipe video licensing, you can select the type of content you want to pay for.

Further, you must provide your audience a reason to open your emails, read your newsletter, or visit your blog regularly. You want them to learn and, eventually, return. Our ready-to-use recipe videos can assist you in achieving above-average open and click-through rates.

According to Salesforce, a customer must have 6-8 touchpoints with a brand before making a purchase.

We can assist you with providing a consistent stream of credible, well-formatted, thoroughly vetted material, photographed, or produced by some of the best storytellers in the business, giving you an additional opportunity to communicate with current and potential consumers. These consistent touchpoints contribute to increased revenue.

The best part is that using license content saves you a significant amount of time and money in terms of content development and production.

Benefits of using Recipe videos for your business.

  • Videos Have Greater Appeal: How to connect with people is one of the challenging issues in the field of food marketing.

Videos are without a doubt the finest approach to connecting with more people and draw them to your brand. It is a technology that makes it possible to quickly communicate with a large number of individuals.

More than anything else, a video that has good lighting, sound, and camera work will draw viewers. Your brand consequently receives a lot of attention.

Even if you might be very happy with a handmade video you made, directing a licensed food recipe video is a complete game changer.

With our expert food videographers, we are aware of the ideal lighting, distances, and angles to employ and save you time.

  • Increased Understanding of Your Recipe: Most recipes are intricate. Before they give it a try, it's crucial that your audience fully comprehends it.

In order to reach your audience and give them a clear knowledge of what you have to offer, you can now create a recipe video and then integrate it for free.

Use concise, educational explainer videos to help people comprehend a difficult product by breaking it down into digestible bits.

When used properly, videos may increase engagement and help you reach a larger audience.

Given the advantages of explainer videos and their lasting impact on viewers, organizations use video marketing in their content marketing strategy.

Here, a basic fade-in effect won't do to give your video a better understanding. To give your video the wow factor, Look and Cook Studios videographers have used a variety of special effects, graphics, and calls to action, providing you with all the details in your licensed food recipe video.

  • Increase Brand Connection and Brand Affiliation:

When you watch a video, your senses are stimulated visually and aurally. Viewers are more engaged and so naturally acquire stronger attachment and interest in the content they are consuming as a result of the sheer activation of both of these areas of the brain.

This is essential for a business that relies on recognition from loyal consumers and is working to establish its brand. The fact that 94% of marketers in 2020 claimed that video converted on par with or better than any other content format is something to build on!

Whatever the age of your brand, food videography can help it look, fresher.

High-quality food videos have the power to impress your audience before they ever decide to follow you, which can be helpful if you've been in the food blogging business for years and you've noticed your engagement is starting to decline.

To ensure that the food is always visually stunning, food stylists, cooks, and Look and Cook studio videographers collaborate, creating a licensed recipe video for you. Simply put, your iPhone or other budget-friendly devices cannot match this standard of excellence.

  • User Engagement on Social Media:

Recipe Videos are excellent for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest since they may broaden your audience and enhance website traffic at the same time.

When it comes to user engagement and attention, static graphics regularly perform worse than video.

  • Better SEO Ranking :

Whether you believe it or not, producing video content can help your SEO. Video content keeps visitors on your website longer, which is the first factor.

According to estimates, users are likely to stay on a website 2.6 times longer if it has videos than they would have if it only has text and images.

After you incorporate videos, your page is likely to rank higher in search results because the transcription of your material will enable Google to properly index your website. In this way, your SEO is being improved, which increases the likelihood that more people will find your website.

Professional food cinematography might help you reach that coveted top spot if you struggle with your web presence and rankings.

You go up the rankings because you have an edge over your rivals, thanks to the professional license recipe videos that Look and Cook studio offers, breaking down your method. And the benefit increases with the quality of the video.

Show your audience a recipe worth remembering

The success of a recipe video depends on a variety of factors, including the content's simplicity, length, and engagement-boosting abilities.

Due to its quickness, entertainment value, and ability to be watched with the sound off, recipe videos encourage interaction and sharing, which increases the number of viewers.

Videos that are filmed from the perspective of the spectator engage the audience and speak to all tiers of home cooks. Even if they never attempt the recipes in the videos, many people will still like, share, and comment on them.

Key elements for effective videos include compelling material, pristine shooting, and adjusting the length for various platforms!


Food has become a favorite theme for video production, with anything from recipe videos to food reviews, cooking demos, and the wildly popular makings.

You shouldn't pass up this chance if you're a business owner or marketing manager for a food brand. After all, one of the few things that connect us in the actual world and the virtual world is food.

Therefore, it is clear that users are delighted to have access to a growing number of recipe videos.

Look and Cook Studios specializes in the creation of food and beverage content for companies and agencies, such as recipes, films, food photography, and food styling.

We are constantly updating and increasing our library with new complete recipe videos from creators to fulfill your changing requests.

We can help you in leveraging the growth of your social network and sales while you focus on your business.

Best Wishes,

Look and Cook Studios.

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